From the graceful Eucalyptus and Palm trees in Southern California and the mighty Redwoods in Trinity California to the picturesque Poplars of Southern Idaho and the beautiful Pines of the Pacific NorthWest......

Over 26 Years in the Tree Care Industry!

At Mr.StumpBuster, We employ a highly skilled and experienced crew. Our Manager, Todd Waddell, started out in the Tree Industry in 1990 as a groundman for D&M Tree Service in San Diego, Ca.  D&M Tree Service was founded in 1985 when there was a need for proper tree care in North San Diego Cnty.  Todd recieved on the job training from the very experienced owner and a crew of five until he purchased D&M Tree Service in 1995. He ran the Company as Waddell Tree Service until 2004 at which time he split the company into two divisions, one as Fallbrook Tree Service and the other as an upstart Hauling and clean-up company, Dell Hauling Company( DHC ). In 2009 after an illness in the family, DHC was sold, and shortly after, Todd his Wife Jeanette and their 2 year old daughter moved to the Pacific NorthWest to be closer to Family.


In Central Oregon the Ponderosa Trees,the Lodge  Pole Pines  and Juniper Forests are a beautiful asset to this gorgeous state, and these must be preserved.


 Mr.StumpBuster is here to help you remove Dead Tree Stumps which may be harboring   tree killing insects and forest ravaging disease.

 We want to Help you, and in turn help everyone for the long run.

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